mentioned earlier, he is also a station in less than 1 years of grassroots webmaster, but he summed up some things I want to do for the new or to help friends stand. In a word " cognitive "

1. train of thought is not clear, to the website’s localization, why does the website plan, what kind of website does, how to do the station and so on. Early Adsense need a good dream, but also can’t see others do stand success, feel others do their own line, this idea can only show you childish. Of course I did not pour cold water, if you think that is really wrong. Once saw a webmaster wrote such a sentence in blgo: " the magic of Internet is that makes everyone feel underappreciated. "? Does that make sense,


2. is not clear you do stand clear of you there are a few pounds, it also contains many more, such as how to your economic strength? How technology and so on. A lot of people have made this a problem in the standing period, if there are 1000 fast, smart webmaster will not put the 1000 fast all the inputs to the space domain, because the site construction and promotion will encounter many problems, these are in need of money to solve, but just do people tend to stand all the money into it, think 1G space is too small. At least 4, 5G. In addition to the COM domain words what also despise, mainly for the discrimination of CN domain name, although I don’t love CN domain name, but I still want to say that you do not do the station as long as the domain name, website, domain name breaking is also not what. What you do to the web site is content, not COM, and there are more good domain names on top of COM. As long as you do good enough, CN is still popular,


3. website on website to say nothing more than this, it is a collection, just do the station will generally run several forums. Watch the article called SEO, and then step by step. Feel that the content of the site must be more, so it is collected, collected, worth mentioning, and a collection is thousands. You want to ah, such a large number of acquisition and do not say to you Baidu down the right, said the space provider can give you good face? Now the space general in order to ensure the speed is collected, even if the space does not say, because the acquisition speed of the site will also be affected. We then assume that the acquisition is not affected, if really so good, why are China only one Sina, only one out? There is a small cheap, as the saying goes, petty suffer a great deal, now cheaper than hard disk space, G space is also the 200 fastest way. I don’t know if you have not thought about: why do the space space business? Is it in order to serve the people? And is now follow suit, do stand very love like I used to follow the trend, the Starchaser will be the same, while Pu Shu today, tomorrow for a moment like Jay Chou. Many websites do, whenever I browse in a filthy mess, when this site, my heart always depressed to ask: could he forget the website "