is now in the domestic demand? Home appliances to the countryside, people consumer desires are up, in addition to buy we are wondering how to sell. Rural villages and towns to engage in online trade, but also can enhance the application of information and coverage of the trend, but how can they capture the development opportunities in this information tide, how to use the captured meeting,


first of all, in the construction of the platform, I do not recommend the rural areas and towns to build their own large area, so easy to become a face project, good-looking and useless. The use of existing mature e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, eBay, pat, Alibaba and other trading sites, sub channels to cluster the mode of operation of the establishment of the area, with the local rich characteristics of goods to build regional trading portal. This will not only solve the problem of Internet promotion can also be achieved with look for a needle in the ocean, rural villages and towns special trade industry group.

explains why rural towns have to operate online in the form of local channels rather than operate online in the form of a separate company. The first single individual online trading can not form a scale characteristic, high promotion costs, support the foundation is not solid; secondly to rural existing human experience and can not effectively capture the needs of the market, online trading platform into a shell, white. Using the mature business platform, can be more rapid output, and the user needs the direction of large platform can also facilitate the building to adapt to the marketing strategy of local characteristics of trade group, and the cluster is conducive to ensure goods in quality and quantity, to ensure the unity of the comparison.

in the process of informatization construction, the rural towns in the aspects of information technology is still relatively weak, so the local government with the head is a must, by the government, the collective and the three party platform for cooperation to promote the work of. In the early stage of the cooperation platform of party I suggest the best to participate in a contribution in the form of local trade platform scale has to be output after the charge service fees, in fact, but also in the training of the future development of high-quality customers, when is to fulfill the social responsibility, do not know the old board dry, of course, some basic or to pay the cost.

, another is to arouse the consumer groups of local and surrounding areas of the leading role, network and information construction is to form a single rural sights on going out, should be both inside and outside. The local consumer groups to develop (their own people do not agree with what others can not buy it, love?), the field of consumer groups to attract, so as to effectively form a consumer atmosphere, in order to effectively promote the rapid flow of online commerce in small towns.

At present,

mobile telecommunication operators have opened a micro payment service, with the further amplification of payment, further mature and related auxiliary conditions, it can also become a selling point to stimulate online retail spending. Of course, this is only a tentative idea, but if the country needs more manpower and financial support, the success rate will be higher.

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