in recent years, with the popularity of mobile devices such as mobile phone, mobile Internet is eroding the traditional Internet, take cities and seize territory, also quietly changing the habits of Internet users. Coupled with the various aspects of news and information in mobile Internet banner, ezetimibe was also lost, thought that the traditional Internet era has passed. Don’t join the mobile Internet, will be cruel abandoned, however a pessimistic sound. But calm down, and think carefully, in fact, things are not so bad, personal websites still have the opportunity, but also opportunities for personal websites only in the traditional internet. Ezetimibe is here to talk about their ideas, and all the bitter stationmaster ".

first explore the development trend of mobile internet. Mobile Internet currently has two main channels of entry: one is the browser, and the other is APP applications. From the current scramble for the station, APP applications will become the main entrance, because the giants are in this area of force, and rarely pay attention to browser portal. If the mAb browser is the main entrance, so personal websites still have a chance, just like on the computer is a routine. But the APP application as the main entrance, personal website. Because the two mountain development and promotion of the application of APP is blocked in front of the personal website, even if the future with the development of technology, the development of APP applications may become a fool, but APP promotion only use money to burn, is the personal website will not exceed the past hom. Sadly, in the mobile Internet portal selection, the initiative is not in the hands of individual owners, but in the hands of BAT and other giants. I feel faint mAb personal website in the field of mobile Internet and mobile Internet in the face of future, fear, if in the traditional Internet industry.

personal website’s future is still in the traditional Internet, in the market segments, we should think more in the direction of the development of traditional internet. Ezetimibe personal feeling, in the social and information aspects of the mobile Internet will be completely compromised, because the mobile internet sometimes when convenient, so personal website if will be the direction of the development is a dead end. The personal website in a way where? This is the key to discuss the mab.


way is irreplaceable in the mobile Internet market segments, such as graphic design, webmaster resources, office documents and so on, we can think about it, or quite extensive, some of you do. Many people may also know that in addition to the current directory website optimization mAb, the new on-line meters office workers will be our future an important focal point, is an office document, Fan Wenlei. Silly think, you write a summary of the work, write a review, write a letter of resignation, or find samples of the contract, it is impossible to use mobile phones. As long as the office type, you still can not do without the computer, inseparable from the traditional internet. Although this kind of website is very much, the competition is very fierce, but what kind of website competition is not fierce on the Internet at present, so the most important thing is to choose the right direction. Just like >