made this decision,

when you want to make to quit the job, start their own business when the decision, is not some confused feeling? (I believe that Chinese will be very careful to make this decision) because this decision will let you have a fight to win or die feeling, like losing a strong support, and to fight a lone battle. So before you make a decision, you’d better do some Market Research on your future career. You may feel your qualifications and experience are adequate, but it is not enough to support a strong career.

make an objective assessment of

‘s business sounds cool, but it’s pretty complicated. I am not pessimistic let you look at this thing, just let you realize that entrepreneurship is not doing their favorite thing to do, and then benefit from so simple! It’s hard work! You want to make sure you are ready to accept this dreary stage. You must be honest with yourself here. If you don’t get up on time every day, you may not have had hard training, and you don’t have the power to be your own boss.


read some books about entrepreneurship, find realistic books, and read inspiring stories about entrepreneurship. It allows you to stick to your beliefs and keep your fighting capacity alive,


schedule and target

once you decide to venture, sit down, write a plan, determine the business of every milepost, determine the ultimate goal! This plan should include your business success until you all! For example: you want to start a business in a year, planning you at every step of the 12 months the. Plan reasonable goals and work on goals. When all 12 months are accomplished, be ready to meet all the challenges!


if your current job can let you in the 6-12 months slowly push your plan, this let you second days to resign situation is much better, although it takes time, but it was worth it! On the other hand, if you decide to resign tomorrow, I think you will have greater fighting force!

business plan

I often wonder how many people neglect to write business plans. A business plan is a crucial test. You can’t fool yourself even if you don’t show it to anyone. It gives you a keen insight into your career.

it’s better to write some of your marketing research on your business plan. Even if you think you know the market well, you’d better know a little more than Google does.). You have to record every competitor on your computer and compete with them. Knowing your opponent is as important as knowing yourself,

, you must have the consciousness of being hired by yourself,

when you decide you want to start a business, your new job begins. Even if you haven’t decided yet