I graduated from primary school, do not understand the Internet, only garbage collection. By what means can you make your garbage station at least earn your living expenses? Individuals have the following suggestions:

a garbage station, traffic is king

since it is garbage station, that is to get traffic, no traffic, nothing to consider, then there are generally two ways to consider


;   learn SEO, grab flow wordThe

threshold may be very high, because the SEO is not particularly good grasp, but many people do want to flow words, competition is relatively large, novice webmaster is not a good start, so now we can see the QQ related flow is very large, but most of the QQ site, just to eat fish and shrimp. Demonstration site: live it, www.zhib08.cn, near the station by the way, even the meters are very like.

(2)           do station group, select small flow

don’t expect you to do the beginning station how many million IP is unlikely, then, make a few more, each is a type, such as Thunderbolt download, do medicine, do online shop guide, etc., do several aspects. Then there’s a lot of traffic coming together. Demonstration site: Chinese garbage lady network, www.lajipo.cn, link a lot of thief procedures, it can be said to do a lot of garbage station

two collection, want to say love you is not easy,

garbage collection or not? To! Can garbage stations be collected in large quantities? Can not!

this must be written in mind, the best garbage station is not an on-line data on one hundred thousand, that will definitely be K, then how to collect can be collected again, and no risk?

(1)           small scale acquisition; open station, slightly operating

for the first month

just opened a station, 3000 of the amount of data is enough, then the newly opened station, every update 100 article, for a month, or the length of time, just a month to start slowly, to Baidu successfully collected on the right. Demonstration site: Show nets www.showtutu.cn

(2)           data collected by a certain edit

just opened the station, to edit feature suggestions collected data volume, such as in the title with unified content inside what, before some means of introduction, after editing the data, it will be better than the direct acquisition of better and more, say no >