Ali and Baidu cooperation, the former in a number of search products, including Baidu, including the purchase of advertising. This is five years, Ali and Baidu for the first time "cooperation", although there is no strategic significance, but the meaning behind Ali is worth us all to think about it. You know, five years ago, Ali announced a high-profile collaboration between all but banned with Baidu and Zhou Hongyi, and now the attitude changed straight, I think Ali must have their own considerations.

some time ago Ali is undoubtedly China Internet industry most lively one, not only is the acquisition of frequent, also continue to launch Ali cloud mobile phone to seize the mobile Internet, through a series of actions, we can see the future Ali’s core business is increasingly clear – platform, data, financial. In the face of the three form, Lu Zhaoxi is also a lot of pressure, after all, Ma aura too many brilliant that Ali is remittent now Ma and Lu Zhaoxi for comparison, so Lu Zhaoxi can do now is to be under Ali Taobao main business doing more, and achieve all of this foundation is to get more traffic. Therefore, the cooperation we will also be able to see the shadow, yes, Ali need a large area flow.

this is the direct reason, although many consumers online shopping will directly choose Taobao or Tmall, but for some long tail keywords Ali or helpless, so this partnership, Ali can grasp more long tail keywords bring traffic, capacity expansion and increase deep in their business. But if we think Ali Department advertising, just for the so-called long tail keywords, then you OUT. Although this part of the flow can bring growth, but these for Ali is pale into insignificance by comparison, Ali want in addition to flow is the flow behind the platform effect. As we all know, the three major business Ali, the platform is primary. Since you want to be a platform, you have to cooperate more or less with search products, not only to improve your understanding of the search, but also to benefit the re branding of the brand. But Ma itself is a complex search, the previously launched a video and earlier on 2013 the Ali cloud vertical search proved ecosystem in Ali, the search is an important supporting point. So after Ali injection Sina, micro-blog appeared Ali advertising; Ali and 360 cooperation to do 360 shopping search; Ali and Baidu cooperation advertising promotion. As we mentioned above, "search complex", Ali’s cooperation, eventually led to the same place – a scouring net, and the core of these actions is also for their own search products rainy day.

Ma Yun has always been a hope development initiative in our own hands, although outgoing, but for Ali control or All the world knows. Ali the next two core business data and financial resources are relying on the user to expand the field, although Ali can rely on their own brands to win over more station.