The current

web site, that is the grandson + grandson, multiply quickly, but really do not a few, this time we took time to compare to this often, compared to several well-known customers, welcome your participation.

first team and

this is the oldest site, Daquan station, traffic is first-class, revenue is even better, and annual income of about 1000000.

so strong powerhouse, is still locked at home who do not understand the market. The group, they urgently need to guide their Internet site navigation, and as a platform to learn more network market, this is the reason that their heat is very simple, the Internet still people cannot do without them.

second team,, and,, and,

this is a new force. It’s fierce, and it’s done badly. We conducted an internal for the diagnosis of, to know that this is the new home of the network company, through the large investment to promote its Web site,, which is worthy of recognition, but the problem is that there are several as their strong capital? I believe not, so for the world, they belong to the type of gold network address station, through a large number of investment promotion to drive traffic arrival. Including this 9991, who knows who it is? The famous Pang Shengdong, the direct manager of Therefore, in the world of capital, this belongs to the second team.

third team,, and,, and,

why is this third team? Because both belong to the personal website, the website belongs to the team is relatively small, especially, by positioning the market to clear lock campus groups, their experience is a small investment, high flow, free included, not bad money. And is a veteran webmaster in Chongqing, but they are still small teams, not many people, so all of them belong to the third team. 369 of the team, we know, is to spread through the virus, so to the third team, as compared with the second team, their difference is this money, so the virus spread, and achieved very good traffic, but these third teams they are destined to reach.

fourth team copy of Tzu Chi station

These included

inflow grandchild, because it is through copying copy things, so in the station just a few grandchildren, grandson also do better, of course, a few, because they have no technical elements, no extra money, so.