local website has gradually become the protagonist of the Internet, more and more people began to operate the local community, serving one party users. At present, many local community website, there have been many has developed to a certain size, have stable users and advertisers, but the future development direction of the local community? Is like the 19 floor, absorb around the small local site, to the development of the industry; or vertical, do fine service, a local brand still, Sina and other Tencent; the United Station website so as to realize their longer-term development…

May 12th A5 version of the chat activity, invite Tencent · the big Chu http://s.hb.qq.com/ community leader Qiao Yajun, the local community and share ideas for the operation of local community development prospects in the future conjecture, this order exceeded part, welcome to discuss.

: today’s guest is from Tencent ·. Can you give me a brief introduction of the Tencent and local websites cooperation model?

answer: in fact, the great network has been Tencent and Hubei daily media group jointly organized, and there is no cooperation with Tencent this argument. That is, a large network series of local station site, belonging to the Tencent’s first, has built a Tencent · Chu network (Hubei) Tencent, Chongqing net (Chongqing) Tencent, Dacheng network (Sichuan), Tencent net (Shaanxi), Tencent (Fujian) net Damin website, this year the upcoming opening of more regional website.

asked: "big Chu nets become Tencent WuHan Railway Station, in the promotion of the Tencent has been helped? What are the main promotion methods?"

answer: there are several aspects: 1, Tencent mini home page has a large Chu Network tab (this in Hubei local QQ users will pop up on the Internet), 3 times a day news TIPS push. 2, Tencent online users in Hubei after landing, there will be news in Hubei next to the news tab. 3, at the same time, the market has also done some outdoor advertising, including buses.

asked: every day I also received the Tencent of Pop News, these pop news is responsible for Tencent which department? The QQ user information should pop up is not the same, to distinguish between regions? What kind of news will be pop? Personal website information can be played by what means the window? Meet the curiosity.

answer: ha ha, do not have curiosity, I answer. Popups are called tips on our side and are generally divided into several categories:

1, tips news news of the Tencent will push the country, and Tencent will place 3 times a day to push their true; 2, subscribe to tips this is a must click on his subscription to receive; 3, tips as QQ, find what remind reminder of what.

: is there any commercial in Tencent tips at present? Is there any business order for Tencent?