see so many webmaster are writing articles, I also two two, polite words not to say more, think the article disgusting direct still egg,


rely on soft Wen to promote their station is really a good method, but I think most of the webmaster soft Wen didn’t find their own entry point. 1. the target population is wrong. 2. is not a local.

, the target population is wrong,

said the wrong target population, I think most of the webmaster write is technical articles [] seems a little nonsense, but not all the technology to do, such as movie station pull, pull the Playstation entertainment soft you send Adsense to see what is the use? Most of the time in the care of the webmaster your own web site, where there is time to go to your entertainment station? Even if there is time, I think they have a station, will not stand up to others every day [I mean entertainment station], they can go one or two times on your stand mode, or copy a post, no longer go to the movie station. Take the text, see this kind of soft film is webmaster, I usually see the soft Wen to click his address to see his template, will not go to the movie second times. Of course not to every other movie Webmaster Station In the same way, entertainment owners don’t go to other people’s entertainment stations every day. This kind of crowd hardly ever turns back. It doesn’t bring long or lasting traffic to your station,.

entertainment station of the target population should be positioned in the non owners of such people, such as what all don’t understand, playing games, watching movies, listening to music every day, those who engage in the QQ space, they see entertainment will be the next to play. And put the soft Wen only in these technical forum let the webmaster stand see the only reproduced some technical forum, will not let people see the target.

, of course, just refers to the entertainment forum, and some webmaster technology class web site soft Wen sent here is very good,.

two does not publish local.

ah, if the above have said, it is impossible to say. Or find local publicity, Baidu Entertainment Forum, pull a lot of places. But some soft law should also be changed, write technical nobody read, write to the entertainment aspect, such as the latest the game, classic films and so on, and those who do not know what is soft, must be..

OK, my point is finished. Thank you!


Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to write the article. My movie station: movies, a lot, very clear, oh,.