now there are so many websites in the Internet, such as stars, that most companies have their own websites, or they can be used for marketing, or they can be used to display images, or they can be used to sell products directly. But in any case, the number of sites in the Internet has been increasing, and this also reflects the Internet has been forward. Say personal website is also more like hair now. Why is this? What is now the rapid development of Internet technology, many people are not very professional by others to develop tools to fool operation site, coupled with lower prices on infrastructure such as the network server; this has created a website greatly reduced the threshold.

, although I am not a website person, but I work part-time, some enterprise website construction and agents, well-known IDC service providers to sell products, so these aspects of a little understanding. And I this article is mainly in front of an enterprise to build enterprise station communication process to my feeling, so as to share it, also to give a lot of more than I am stranger to this aspect of a friendly hint.


grassroots webmaster’s voice (pictures from the Internet)

that day, the enterprise website responsible person to find me, because my offer is dedicated to the company’s half of the company, but also looked at my case, feel good, it is very easy to clinch a deal. Then the other said that the company has sent the value of thousands of 200M high-speed space, I was speechless. I explained to him, I also received a website you two thousand, and if they really 200M space worth thousands of pieces, then I am not lost. In fact, we all know that the construction company to build customers website, many small companies even claimed that they have self built computer room, so that many customers feel like cattle. But in fact they are buying a cheap or VPS server, and then distributed to many customers together, and the resource of a customer is a year cost is up to dozens of blocks, even a few dollars are possible. Then I explained to him that he can’t seem to understand, I am giving you a 4GB space, speed is certainly better than the site of the company; he seemed to groan a good, immediately went to the test, I found it much faster; I told him this year value five hundred, he said so well how the value of five hundred. I’ll tell him that you add two hundred yuan and I’ll give it to you. He seems willing to do it, because it’s much better than the station company. But in fact, my use of Ali cloud, give him this point, that is, one hundred or two hundred pieces of the year, to add two hundred, in fact, I earned two hundred of these. I am not deceptive, but some people seem to love was a pit, if I explain to him a big push, may I get this list may be lost. And then both are happy.

I said above, this is the topic that leads us to talk about the space and the server in the internet. The example above is communication with companies that need to build websites