has heard so many netizens talking about how to make use of their resources to make money. These methods sound great, such as sorting out some free online sources, free software, or video tutorials. Then share the resources, and some can charge. Before Shao Lianhu also feel good, but it really didn’t know what to get what, because I can think of is to get others.


although a few months later, gradually forget the integration of resources. However, a few days ago, to see a netizen said resources integration case gave himself some inspiration. Below, Shao Lianhu will share some of their ideas free of charge to everyone, if you feel good, you can operate under the test.

so, what is resource integration,

?The integration of

resources is the means of enterprise strategy adjustment, and also the daily work of enterprise management. Integration is to optimize the allocation of resources, that is, there must be "into", "retreat", "take" and "give up", that is, to achieve the overall optimum. Brief introduction of resource integration refers to different sources, different levels, different structures and different contents of the resources of the enterprise identification and selection, drawing and configuration, and activation of organic integration, it has strong flexibility, organization, system and value, and create a complex and dynamic process of new resources. Based on introducing the connotation of the integration of resources, proposed the integration process model of enterprise resources, analyzes the enterprise resource integration capability, in order to provide how to enhance the ability to integrate resources for enterprises, so as to enhance the enterprise competitive advantage to provide constructive suggestions.

above is Baidu Encyclopedia for the definition of integration of resources, in fact, we use their words, that is, some data to sort out, and then share it to others, is so simple. We don’t want to be so complicated. Who says we’re not experts? What’s the meaning of understanding? It’s OK.

data integration methods are many, the following one to list out, Shao Lianhu blog some of their own ideas, good and bad, we do not spray, look at the OK.

first, the website source class

used to listen to a lot of netizens say, you can collect all the web source code for other people to download, and then you can also sell some of the source code. In fact, like the source class webmaster network and source home have free download source code, and they have already done so many years, want to competition is very difficult.

but free source code has free disadvantages, that is, free source code, many are not available, and some have functional limitations, adding too much advertising. If you have time, you can personally test the source code, and some useful, can be used to share with you, no longer what source code is free to share. And Taobao, there are some Taobao are very cheap, a few cents, a few corners, a few yuan of the source code, and more is spent hundreds of dollars, you can buy hundreds of thousands of, and then free sub!