is learning from the construction site to the personal website has been for seven years, in terms of technology should be said is not pass, just know little about one or two, but in the website operation, or have my own opinion.

own website started in April this year, it was a hobby, he built a network of shops in Dezhou, Dezhou is the supply and demand information website belongs to me, half the time from the formal operation to now, although the time is not long, but it’s enough to make me feel a personal webmaster difficult. Personal website without manpower and financial support, most of the flow can only rely on search engines to get, so far, the main keywords Dezhou shops network has only local large portal, which is an ideal result.

wrote this article, in order to sum up your experience and lessons, and hope that the same experience of the webmaster can communicate with each other.

personal operating local website from the following aspects:

1, site positioning

site positioning is very important, you want to do what kind of Web site, do the website to provide customers with what kind of information, such a website in the local competitiveness, and so on, all aspects of factors should be taken into account.

two, customer experience,

customer experience is the most important thing to do now stand, the customer experience is directly related to the future development of the website, on how to do a good job of customer experience, is actually a simple aspects: website design, high practicality and beautiful information section and reasonable arrangement, as long as the customer into the website can quickly find what they need what it can do.

three, search rank

personal Adsense do local station, mainly by search engine pull flow, a good ranking will let you have more traffic, so as to convert into money. Keywords ranking so many owners feel a headache, especially the recent Baidu constantly adjust, resulting in many sites keywords ranking is not stable, fluctuated, my Dezhou shops network too, from 21 down to more than 700, but it do not worry, as long as you continue working normally can not. Because of the keyword out, will make big changes to the website, this is a mistake, as long as you keep updating and ranking will be back soon.

four, advertising spot merchants

local website income does not depend on the advertising alliance, rely on the local advertising companies, in fact, the local station flow level of customers advertising effect is not large, because the number of people in different places, the Internet also has the very big difference, like our local, large portal operations for more than ten years, a genius more than 2000 flow, let the customer delivery advertising, there are a lot of techniques, if your social skills are very strong, needless to say, you can pull a lot of customers, if you can’t say it from the website advertising efforts, first of all do not empty, so even if customers want to cast advertising, a look at your site.