a lot of people is not easy, for the ideal has been quietly pay, all thoughts are spent on nurturing their own websites, most personal websites are difficult to produce direct economic benefits, there are many owners with a little savings in the maintenance of the original, some even just to maintain debt, the hearts of the point the hope of immortality. Sometimes, I really admire these individual webmaster, although the grassroots, although fragile, although the life of embarrassment, but our dedication to the ideal, the yearning for a better life, it is worth the respect of the whole society.

I have been thinking, can build a platform, let the webmaster spend a little idle time, sharing a little direct economic benefits, if the establishment of a Webmaster Platform every day, each click on the other agreed time on the GOOGLE website advertising, Baidu advertising and other advertising fees, as long as every day there are one hundred ad clicks, so we webmaster every day there will be a few dollars, although far from our ideal value, but low income income is better than not well, besides, it doesn’t take much time, is also very safe, unlike advertising click software as GOOGLE will be found, too can increase website traffic, Why not??

is just a little immature ideas, do not know if feasible, not feasible, can I open a special column on my website webmaster forum, as long as you put the URL to the forum, and the webmaster every day to click on, of course, can also go to the station to other websites, to everyone just to earn a living life, let loose bones.

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