is actually a lot of traditional enterprises, are now gradually pay attention to the network marketing this one, there are some companies asked me to do the network marketing consultant, I refused, because I was busy, and I just don’t want to network of interest, it will become a burden. So, I just give their network department heads some suggestions and opinions.

first, for professional knowledge, it is necessary to understand everything, at least to ensure the control of the work and the normal operation of the project. For example, if you do not understand what programming, then puts forward some fundamental functions which cannot be realized or takes a long time to develop, so the programmer will hit the work of passion, but also lead to the delay of work. For example, in designing, you also need to know about architecture analysis, architecture sketches, and so on. Let the artist know your intentions, including the framework, tone, and so on. Again, the editor, but also need to grasp the entire industry dynamics and information.

second, the leadership of the instructions to the division of the various positions, effectively convey the leadership of the idea, determine the objectives of the work. How do leaders usually understand the Internet, so you need to translate your leadership into professional terms?. It’s like the idea of programming: People’s ideas – computer instructions – computers run, people’s ideas, by writing computer instructions, can let the computer according to your idea to perform. The network manager is equivalent to the person who writes the computer instruction, and the Department team member is equivalent to the computer executive.

third, communication and coordination. When the higher level leaders put forward some tasks which are inconsistent with the actual situation, we should pay attention to communication and guidance. For example, some leaders want you to drop 10 million of your ads in the first month of your website. Then, the person in charge last night, you have to import ideas, and he explained that this time advertising is not appropriate, because the content of the site has not been built well, the foundation has not been played well, and so on.

fourth, professional things for professional people to do, do not interfere too much. For example, to determine a function of a web site, it’s time to describe the function directly to the programmer and ask him if he can do it. How long will it take?. Try not to interfere too much at that time and rest assured that he will do it.

fifth, extended vision, this is especially important. What should be done to subordinates, not to do so, and to spend more time on themselves, should be spent expanding horizons, accepting the latest knowledge, and identifying further goals. For example, more bubbles, outdated, etc..

sixth, pay attention to traditional marketing methods, because the current marketing is not a single marketing, is the era of integrated marketing, that will play a greater role.

seventh, don’t limit your thoughts to the Internet, but more to contact other things, that will lead to new insights.

hey hey, go to work first, just talk about this with you. Believe in a lot of people in the next few years