that had seemed like no cheating at all, because it is in accordance with the effect of pay, not to sell things there is no fee, it is Taobao, but it is such a seemingly "perfect" marketing model, now all kinds of cheating if clicking on ads wind emerge in an endless stream, cheating is done in secret the hands and feet, then on the basis of paid advertising is cheating in a flagrant way. Because click cheating, we can not see, only the official can be seen through the background of the abnormal data, and the amount of paid advertising turnover is obvious to all.

Taobao passengers cheating, but simply can not escape the interception of the user’s PID, Taobao station cheating practices, we simply drive, because everyone used to see, and standing outside cheating is actually relatively easy to manage. As long as the blockade of their income, improve their costs, today we mainly take stock of several Taobao station cheating practices. In fact, Taobao station cheating as we all know, the crackdown is great, is a kind of cheating almost irreparable, because you leave PID, you not to delete, Taobao may not help you delete, but your monthly income will be frozen. Where do you end up with all this money? You know what I understand, and everybody knows it.

1: open "fake" Taobao shop, guide users click PID address

this is probably the most common, everyone knows, is a Taobao shop, and the target product as the title, the price low, then that this is a wholesale shop in the baby description, or shop decoration is not business like, paste a URL, let everybody to retail website to buy.

According to the

tracking super stationmaster net recently, although Taobao has been vigorously combat, but part of the page we monitor the long-term existence, not to be deleted or closed shop, cheating group just freeze estimated operating income, this way is very damaging the interests of the seller, the seller as a sales of 100 yuan the product, you release a product price 2 yuan, and also guide the user to enter the seller’s shop through the Taobao customer address, estimated bargaining between sellers and users need a long time, and will affect the user on the seller’s letter.


in the comments, hands and feet

many Taobao customers really "smart", a loophole, this kind of Taobao customers through the purchase price within 100 yuan, the Commission is very high and the products, in the comments, following a hot stovepipe product reviews screenshots.


What exactly does

do, everyone can imagine.

3: in Taobao internal do "rebate", sellers directly rush

recently, many sellers come to grief, saying that they will be forced to go crazy, on the one hand to rely on Taobao customers to flow, on the other hand, many people use Taobao customers, not only did not contribute new