web site operators in the final analysis is put in less effort to get a huge marketing effect, the famous marketing scholars from sales McKinsey put forward the famous 4P marketing theory can be many mall site in the operational aspects of flexible learning, then what is the marketing theory of 4P? Product, Price, Place, Promotion Chinese. What is the product, price, channel and promotion, take the first letter of the four letters, and then referred to as the 4P marketing theory of mckinsey.

as an operating mall site webmaster, how the website in daily operation, flexible use of 4P marketing theory? The author believes that the core of the 4P theory is a product of a series of packaging, until the product can be mass marketed and package is through the 4P can change unpredictably, as the mall webmaster, is to find the 4P marketing theory "that a dish"


: a product marketing, which is the core of the website operation in the mall, mall site at the beginning of the construction, you should know what you are selling products, these products will have what kind of target user, you are how to locate these products, in order to precise positioning of these products, you need to provide the website what kind of function, such as whether to provide online orders, online consultation, online payment and other functions.

for the product, as a webmaster if you can understand fully the function and defects of these products, whether in the right way by showing "the entire process, only the related product description clearly, and through their own understanding to help those potential customers buy, can through the exchange, the product functions show stereo the user, so as to promote product sales.

two: the price of marketing, we know that the mall website products have their own prices, these prices are often priced by the owners themselves, but the product pricing have a profound knowledge, why are many TV commercials, this product will appear not 4999, not 1999, as long as the 299, really as long as 299 ad, although many consumers know this word even a bit funny, but many consumers love is to buy the 299 products, but do not want to buy 301 yuan of products, this is the psychological hint at work. So, for the products on the mall website, even if the price is low, you should follow the way that consumers seem to feel more affordable.

three: marketing channels, it is a bottleneck of mall site operations, many mall site only know that they do various kinds of ads to promote your website for sale, this is certainly an important point, but we can by leveraging the power of the way to expand sales, Taobao is one of the customers leveraging the power of the channel if you run the construction way, not Taobao mall, but independent store, then you should set up a system for the customer to help sales commission, in fact it is similar to the Taobao customer.