SEO industry is currently very popular, in the case of Suzhou, large and small Internet companies together calculate is expected to be broken hundred. How many companies are profitable or profitable in such a hot industry? I haven’t counted them yet. But I’m sure most of the profits aren’t too high. This is only true in Suzhou, which is still in the urban areas and does not calculate the number of subordinates.

first look at the current status of the SEO industry,

so hot behind what in the end hidden? In most of the new line of personnel only know "outside the chain is king, content is emperor" in the big background. Completely spoiled the water altar. In a few years ago, the hair chain basically do not have to look for what forum, basically propaganda, you can; the author’s fastest record in two months for the forum attracted 200 thousand registered members, traffic every day thousands. This was a terrible figure at that time, because at that time there were few people in the domestic 3D and stereoscopic industries, and 1 thousand IP per day was a very impressive figure. And now, most of the new entrants are asking: "where can I send the chain of forum resources?". Don’t ask me, I don’t know.

so many people do not pay attention to the quality of the article, purely to leave the chain for the purpose of the case. The forum also adopted corresponding measures. For example, closing anchor text and HTML code, and the NOFOLLOW tag, let you know that advertising doesn’t work here. Nature also reduces the production of garbage. Although it will affect a part of the normal post of people, after all, is a minority. The chain can not buy links, but with the update Baidu algorithm, the purchase of links has become a hit object, one-way export links too many sites have been dropped, the link is invalid. With Baidu’s major updates over and over again, the only remaining theme is that the user experience stays the same.

future SEO ranking industry will disappear

the disappearance of more and more external factors, leading to future web site dominant factors, only the website itself design, content enrichment, user experience. And the fundamental point of making websites is promotion and profit. As a company, enterprise, station, web site owner, and some personal website webmaster, you do web site, I’m afraid not for yourself to stay enjoy,

?The general direction of the future of

, including the current medical industry, is all about one thing, that is, everything in the future is profit oriented. Flow rate, conversion rate is the final result, the existing general direction of SEO personnel is "management, promotion" in these two directions. Management will be responsible for content design, overall layout and other web site work, and personally do these. And promotion is responsible for publicity, such as micro-blog, blog, QQ group and other ways to find customers for the site.

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The "nozzle" in the

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