my station is a website template download station. Today, I finally practiced the promotion method that I always wanted to do. The effect is really good, did not use this method before, all because I am too lazy to do. Here’s how it works.

, look at some of my posts,

,, boardid=4& id=51810& star=1& page=1

,, boardID=28& ID=386069& page=1

how do you know how I spread it?.

in these CMS official forums in the template area, I have a list of categories, pictures and download addresses. In this way, I think everyone will like it.

can not send less than an hour, from those forums each IP have more than a dozen. Not bad.

if you are running a software station, you can publish software to some software stations. The contents of the post are software profiles, but the download address is linked to the download page of your website. Other types, and so forth. These posts than pure AD or soft text is good, because they are to your station to find resources, generally see the need to go to your station. In addition to increase the number of chains, oh, ~

say these, and not want to rely on this soft Wen to publicize my website, I don’t leave my site, just want to tell you this method.