Hi, everybody, this article might be messed up, but I still want to send it out. Nothing else, just to show a mood. A feeling of stability and understanding.

first of all, we can look at the environment, social and natural environment of the past few days. In society, our country is faced with some unharmonious factors. The existence of these problems is of no direct interest to the vast majority of normal people. But they are likely to affect the stability of the current mainstream. Anyway, we can at least admit today that our standard of living is indeed much higher than before. In spite of poverty and ugliness in this society, one day is not a big problem for the Chinese people around 1 billion. This shows that we should thank the government for giving us a relatively peaceful environment. I say this, not to deny the existence of the problem, but to explain that if our current environment is destroyed, anyway, the suffering of the people. So, based on this view, I think you can calmly look at what happened in these days. As long as you admit that he is a good man, do not do things harmful for others, this is enough. Jin Yong once said: "money is a good thing, and I love it.". But the best way is to benefit, and also has favorable way to get; no one has advantage, it can also accept; I never do harm. Regardless of this statement, he is not really practice, but I think we should do this attitude should also do.

in the face of the natural environment, we now see how much damage the northern Blizzard has caused to the lives of the people. In addition, some other stories are taking place. In this case, if someone uses some accidents to cause trouble, it is obviously a disaster for the victim. At the very least, we should sympathize with the people who have been affected by our hearts. So I also want to understand why the space business will be blocked, why not open the space at will?. Because they also have to face the management of higher authorities. If the station is blocked because of a station, it is the result of the irresponsible of the station. Therefore, we can also use an ordinary mood to face these unnecessary things. Moreover, much space has now been opened up. Our toil may be in vain, and the loss will be unavoidable. But I’d rather have some. Because even if we are very reasonable, and not for hundreds of dollars of space costs and run to the space providers to find a lawsuit. Just remember what you learned and avoid the next tragedy. Some people say that, rather than for the past has been wronged and hard to reason, it is better to put down the sadness, re – come,


again, some of the current block event, though some people were affected by the fish of the disaster, just like me. My lao910.com on-line less than 10 days, the space quotient server was blocked. I’ve got another spare space for a few days