last said a ORG domain name in Baidu weight high problem, domain name weight is high, this does not understand SEO for me, is undoubtedly the greatest gift. ORG domain name is now the world’s third largest domain name, coupled with his special, high weight seems to be inevitable.

, let’s say CC domain names this time. CC domain name, because of its particularity (in all domain name suffixes, currently only this domain name is 2 repeated Monogram). Feature is easy to input, direct point CC go in. Because CC domain names are abundant in resources, they are developing very fast in china.

finished the homework after the domain name CC, then get about CC domain name in Baidu’s position.


has been watching the website recently, and if you are interested, you can watch it with my friends.

This site is

, previous music website, then online music website, then video website, now is the movie website for the common domain name, main content changes on the site so frequently, you will think of Baidu

included every day?

also, all the data on this site is collected, and actually can be Baidu normal included.


CC domain name, if it is a short domain name, or more symmetrical like Tingting, in short, it seems easier to remember the domain name, Baidu will give you a relatively high weight. Because Baidu knows Chinese very well.

maybe I didn’t summarize it well. I always felt I couldn’t express exactly what I was trying to say.

hope that interested friends can try CC domain name. Try to be a more popular COM domain name CC domain name.