era began flicker of the wind, so will flicker became the most popular, but the brand is not hoodwinked by the past, even fooled the end result is still be in full swing, and even settle a matter by leaving it unsettled negative impact, if it is done. The word-of-mouth marketing brand, is a long way to go need a lot of things. We can, but never into some misunderstanding in word-of-mouth marketing.

spread out is not necessarily the reputation, there may be bad reviews, celebrities may liufangqiangu also are down, so be sure that you don’t have such a misunderstanding, that word-of-mouth marketing their own, as long as there are people spread is the effect, is the final victory, then you are completely mistaken, the quality of the product itself but if you hard, or service problems, offend the customers, so may you think the so-called word-of-mouth marketing is only a negative effect of brand.

do not ignore the negative news, in fact, like the reputation of word-of-mouth marketing, once had a negative impact, it will send a get out of hand, want to restore hard, as Sprite mercury poisoning time, although the final results and not for the enterprise, but still in its sales and brand played a negative with great influence, and now the network popular on the Internet to help you eliminate the negative news of the task is the embodiment of the paste meet the eye everywhere, and now the degree of attention to negative news, so must not for the negative news it should take corresponding measures to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, to remedy it. So this can avoid misunderstanding.

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