from hao123 acquired by Baidu in 265 after the acquisition by Google, such as the site navigation station will appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, because this kind of website is easy to copy, and also has the 2 successful precedent, one time bustling! China Internet on the Internet is not developed at the beginning, people want to pass the network to find what you want it is not easy, plus the expensive cost, more let many people flinch at this time, site navigation station came into being, not only saves time for the majority of Internet users, provides a convenient browsing service to the surf is not very familiar with the network of people. Specifically, the site navigation station is the product of that era.

vast numbers of webmaster rush up, but want to share a cup of soup. Gradually, however, it became increasingly easy to find that copying websites was simple, but copying other people’s success stories was not that simple. Site easily on the line, but promotion has become a big problem. Therefore, the website navigation station is countless, but the success also only has hao123, 265, 114la and so on several. Hao123 and 265 needless to say, the emergence of 114la although late, but its success is obviously, because the 114la is ylmf with software influence, binding promotion, this is also a kind of resource release.

since this popular, integrated site navigation station can not develop, webmasters have started new thinking and exploration. Navigation and navigation should help users improve their knowledge level, which can reflect the real value of the navigation station. It is difficult for an integrated navigation station to do so, but a certain field (such as the IT class) can do this – a professional navigation station is born. The content level is better, so users can easily learn how to grow their expertise in order to learn better and more specialized knowledge.

for the construction of such a professional navigation station, in addition to the basic construction and operation of the site, management knowledge, a thorough understanding of the industry is also essential hardware. For example, I, the operation of the site has two or three years, the webmaster and IT class site is also more familiar with. Because every day to promote publicity and other aspects of the work, a long time, in the favorites in the site more and more, so it is not easy to find. So, you simply do a webmaster (of course, also suitable for IT workers ( web site navigation station, you can see that the navigation station sites are often I from the domain name), junior high school is nothing but want to save time, the convenience of their own. Later, gradually found that many webmaster, especially novice webmaster like this kind of Web site, my website and therefore gradually developed.

with the development of the Internet, the site navigation station is gradually evolving, and the navigation station has gradually evolved into a comprehensive and specialized field navigation station. The integrated navigation station is basically a foregone conclusion, but the professional navigation station is still full of vitality, revealing vitality. Its classification system is relative to the traditional integrated Web Site Guide >