I started the site at the end of last year. I was in love and research, and now I have built 3 websites. I set up the idea of the station is because before the Internet to see free movies feel difficult to find, then I was wondering why not build a self built their own, both to see, you can show others. So I chose to build a free movie website, do not know what happened in that time, a group in the group of QVOD heard of a fire, and the speed is P2P requirements is not high, more resources, so I decide to use the QVOD way to broadcast station, after determining the type etc. to buy space domain name for the site selection procedure.

              because it is the first site, in the Internet search a lot of posts, introduce space, have introduced domain name. Buy space, there are posts that you good, and some say cheap good. There is a saying "good cheap, no good goods", I will rush at this sentence. Choose a well-known space providers, bought a space, a large space, commercial space is a benefit that is stable, but the service is very general, perhaps because of busy. Now, in retrospect, the space is not the more expensive the better, the best for yourself. The space of my second stations selected a small space business, feeling service is pretty good. The space domain name began to fix bought the station, I could understand some PHP so we chose the station construction site network cats television systems, everything will be ready soon.

, and then landing search engines, that is, every day to manually add data ah. I didn’t know what SEO was. I thought the effort will result, but 2 months Baidu are not included, at that time every day only dozens of IP but still persevered, then people lazy may be a bit disappointed, he wrote a collection program to begin collecting. After collecting, but in fourth months of a day, the station suddenly came more than 100 IP, a look is Baidu included, and at that time really very happy. But a few days later found not like others said, as long as Baidu included, flow began to clang.

            IP;   has not seen the increase, but also heard that people want to optimize the site, that is, SEO. Hey, life. Knowledge has no limit. ah. So he is everywhere SEO scholars post optimization, often change the title keyword search engine, made a taboo Baidu to me now stand still don’t trust the keyword fluctuated, some time ago there is a keyword in a day can bring me 1000IP, Baidu recently adjusted the keywords to good as I fall 300IP, a genius. Address http:www.175yx.net free movies, interested can go to see.

, the second station is also a movie, I have pure collection, with the first station experience, everything is >