Hello, I’m Muzi in the boat. See a recommended home page in the post Chinaz today, this post is very fire, and I also very love, here is also very happy to recommend to you, mainly because it is a good point, although the post is very short, but a lot of troubles and aspirations to stationmaster plaintive emotion. Post is from Zhengzhou senior webmaster mine "who used the word down adhere to the will of the webmaster?", here I give off a map, you can also see that, between the lines full of feeling and sincere, people quite touched.


from Zhengzhou tongkuang introduction we can see that although he for stationmaster industry contact soon, but he work for the owners understand Poshen, he thought the webmaster work adhere to the need to identify the direction, only is to adhere to the correct our wrong insist is useless, he said the last two sentences is love if we want to do is to do the right thing with the right methods, on the basis of which is adhering to a. Do not always insist on paralysis of their own, a little self deception taste. This is what many of our webmaster have not been able to do, or know, but just ignore or not be able to pay attention to. The post is very hot, naturally there will be a lot of people reply, I chose two replies, more classic replies to everyone to see, but also by the way he talked about my own view:


blocking who seems to be a member of the Chinaz team, that I’m not sure, but from his replies at least we can see that he is a senior webmaster, has been removed from the circle for many years. His reply tells us that persistence and persistence sometimes seem less worthwhile. We need to think about patterns and think about teams and so on.


2000sky replies seem to be complaining, but from his complaint, we can see a very realistic problem, we insist that we must find the right direction, find the wrong direction will be very tired, very miserable. There is another problem, many webmaster insist is very confused, aimless insist, their success is not inevitable, just by accident.

finished this post, we will recall his own upbringing, is not a lot of predecessors then give us directions when they tell us that we need to adhere to, is not a lot of people are talking about perseverance and execution. But there are a few problems you think not: we insist that it is not really right? We persist in the end worth? What should we do to keep down their will adhere to the word


1, is it true that our insistence is true? Is our persistence worth it,


adhere to the right and wrong, directly related to the direction and pace of our progress, the webmaster’s life is tired