Forum promotion is a very good promotion method in website promotion. Almost all marketing appeals can be effectively implemented through bbs. Especially at the beginning of the website, very effective means of network marketing. We often use this forum to network communication platform and the forum’s high popularity, through text, pictures, video and other ways to release some soft and participate in the discussion forum, set up their own popularity and authority, also can Shundaizhao promote your products or services. In the last week, Xiaoran goose flying wrote an article "taught you the Forum promotion, let you post fire up quickly" in A5, the owners of the house, search and other major websites and forums is very welcome, and has been reprinted several times, in the article mentioned "popular forum to cross the PK table", a lot of SEO or pay more attention to the chain, and weight links relatively high correlation was relatively high, it is more valuable. Today, Xiaoran for everybody Guyan Feite finishing a "2012 forum list". I hope this article can provide some reference data for the forum and the selection of the chain in the forum marketing practice.

1. [filter main range]

to a comprehensive comparative analysis of the webmaster forum, Xiaoran goose flying widely collected some webmaster related forums, and some professional and authoritative institutions observation data, such as: the home station website ranking of < < comprehensive forum website ranking & gt; >, reported "global top 100" Chinese forum, iResearch China network media recommended the "Chinese community website ranking", "stationmaster" magazine < < 10 forum > list of Chinese; > and the "Chinese banner network forum" ranking, webmaster navigation, Baidu Google search keywords SEO the forum and the forum of stationmaster of a ranking of the sites at home, were screened for comprehensive and objective establishment and SEO related to the evaluation of the forum.

two. [selection criteria]

evaluation is mainly composed of site, Alexa (last three months), the PR value, Baidu weight, the number of users covered, users daily access to the page, traffic index, number of registered members of the forum, the average number of online forum posts, the total number of the chain, Baidu included, Baidu snapshot, trans conditions and so on several aspects to comprehensive judging from the statistics perspective, it is more comparable to avoid more error. Select the same time period (August 30th afternoon) query the relevant data for statistical analysis, in order to make a relatively objective analysis.

three. [selected basic conditions]

the selected basic conditions for positioning: webmaster forum (such as website, SEO and other related website construction and operation); for some comprehensive forum, local forum, industry forum not listed as the selection of objects (such as Tianya,, Xicihutong, Phoenix Forum, forum Sina). >