A few days ago,

wrote an article "industry operation big secret, to help you quickly become the industry leader", after the article was published, often a friend asked me about how to make the industry of the station’s operation promotion, free Jingxiaxinlai combined with their own experience and we talk about today’s station operators to promote industry experience. Website promotion, in general, is to promote online and offline two road, for Industry stations, online and offline combination of more effective way to promote some. For online promotion, there have been a lot of articles introduced, we can Baidu what, the following on how to carry out offline promotion.

many industry associations will often organize some activities within the industry, such as various forums, experience exchange, etc., and often participate in such activities, for the expansion of the network, the promotion of the site is very effective. And after the event, the organizing committee will generally out of paper publications of similar things, in addition to some publications published summary of activities, guest speeches, industry information resources, various industries and enterprises is the advertisement publication means of profit, due to the relatively strong, many companies are willing to invest in the above advertisement. The webmaster can seize this opportunity to contact the conference organizer, adopt the method of resource replacement, and publish the website advertisement in the catalogue. This operation down, after a period of time, your site in the industry is mixed Lianshou, some people may sometimes when looking for information will think of your site, so we have reached our goal. And generally such a journal is issued in-house, so there will be some participants on the above contact information, as to how to use these contacts, do not need to talk about it.

will be promoted after the site, and then on the content of the site to spend more time thinking about how to retain visitors, so that these visitors further into the web site registered users. Because the time for the industry station only registered users accumulated to a certain amount, will enable the site to establish a communication atmosphere, the interaction sites can be quicker, to have more room for development.

to improve the website registration rate, first from the web interface function, to ensure that the page design is clear, let visitors through the web site navigation can quickly grasp the structure of the site, you know what to do next to the. Therefore, the site column should not be too much, so that visitors know where they are currently, and through navigation can quickly find interesting content. In addition to the interface on the external factors, the more important is the site to provide users with targeted services and valuable content, the website has become a platform for the exchange of industry users, so as to make the website to be authorized users, improve customer loyalty, in order to establish their own brand website.

Registered users of

website when accumulated to a certain number, mean the site already has a certain brand influence in the industry, then you can consider providing more high-end services, such as user fees, fees and other information. Information is valuable. When the website brand is established, the value of information can be reflected more