has a lot of entrepreneurial stories about Yu Minhong, and I believe you’ve all heard it. So, today, let us learn more about the education and training industry legend!

"my life is not what can be left, can leave the platform."

1962, Yu Minhong was born in Port Harcourt Street Bridge in Jiangsu city of Jiangyin province Hu village. In 1980, 18 year old Yu Minhong lost two times after the college entrance examination, finally admitted to the Peking University Department of Spanish university, during the illness (tuberculosis) a year off, so he spent 5 years before they graduated from University, then worked as a teacher in the Foreign Language Department of Peking University.

1992 years, Yu Minhong recruit more and more students, students of other training institutions less and less. Competition is urgent, to cover a large area of advertising, later became the Yu Minhong school conflicts, finally simply holding a knife, in the advertisement column (wire rod) edge waiting, Yu Minhong a (Xuan Chuandan), the other on the spot to tear, also Yu Minhong publicist to poke a few knife.