all kinds of local food with the local geographical and cultural characteristics, and in the food and beverage industry, although there are a lot of food, but the two sides can take into account the taste of the people of all aspects of the diet is less. As a representative of the industry, cloud noodle more innovative, based on traditional noodle production process, both the north and South flavor, with innovative ideas for people to bring more delicacy experience, creating a new business mode of consumption, open up new channels to get rich. So how to join this brand?

cloud more details to join



cloud joining conditions:


1, identity Jun only catering corporate culture, I am convinced that the only restaurant brand and business management model.

2, good health, no infectious diseases, love the food industry, can get family support.

3, dedication, perseverance, you can only serve as their own career to do.

4, honest, have a legal identity, good moral integrity and credit.

5, good social resources and interpersonal relationships, good coordination and management capabilities, a certain sense of risk investment.

6, maintain "water more" brand image, not by the "cloud" brand effect to damage the interests of consumers.


cloud joining process:


1, join consulting, through the phone or the official website to understand the situation

2, field trips, investors to the headquarters of the site visits, to understand the details of joining

3, qualification audit, the headquarters for the franchisee to verify, confirm the qualification

4, qualification contract, the two sides confirmed no dispute, signed a franchise contract

5, pay fees, according to the selected type of investment to the headquarters to pay the appropriate fee

6, headquarters training, headquarters to participate in the relevant training to ensure that qualified training

7, site decoration, in accordance with the unified program provided by the headquarters of renovation, a week ahead of time to inform the headquarters of

8, ready to start, the headquarters of the opening of the production of gifts equipment, all products in place, ready to open the case

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