the proportion of middle-aged and elderly population in China began to increase, accompanied by the prosperity of the elderly supplies market, which is a lot of entrepreneurial aspirations for investors is a rare opportunity. For investors, understanding the future development trend of the elderly supplies market is very important.

in food, because of the age, many elderly people in the body have functional degradation, resulting in loss of teeth chewing food is not sufficient, increase the burden on the stomach and gastric secretion of gastric acid and digestive enzyme secretion, can easily lead to reduced in the elderly digestion and absorption capacity, so in the elderly for some easy to eat digestion, fine, high nutritional value, instant ruanshi entrance. Many elderly patients with diabetes need low sugar, low-fat foods, they hope to provide more low calorie, low salt, low fat, high protein, high fiber diet, food and medicated food.


The comfort of the

in use, the elderly need to supplement the use of daily buffet. With the development of social economy and people’s social activity level, and changes in the elderly awareness and values, they begin to pay attention to their dress, their pursuit of the high quality and inexpensive, easy to keep warm, comfortable and beautiful, convenient, simple and elegant clothing to change the past traditional dress specimen. Therefore, the principles of clothing design in the middle and old age should be consistent with the age of the middle-aged and elderly, and at the same time, it is helpful to the embodiment of the spirit of the elderly.

only grasp the trend, in order to better carry out business, the domestic old goods market is in a period of rapid development, as long as investors can grasp the trend of demand, will be able to make their own shops operate together. More than three large and medium-sized supplies market trends for reference, I wish to invest in this industry investors to achieve success.

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