Ma Yili just over two days for her daughter, SL, and so on the birth of the sister, all the stars have set foot on the second child of the road, the people also started planning a second child. 40 billion U.S. dollars market size, the high consumption of gold crowd, the maternal and child market is becoming a competitive arena for many entrepreneurs.

in fact, second coming is expected: "the double spring year brings to marry each other tide, in late 70s and early 80s of last century" child baby boomers "gradually entered the marriageable age, make Chinese with maternal and child market sudden surge.

"consumption statistics from our point of view, although the two child family is very small, but still in the consumer market occupy more than 30% share, will be more strong." Maternal and infant industry is not mature, there are more free space for development.

two separate child policy after the release, maternal and child market ushered in the spring of wealth. Including maternity, milk powder, including maternal and child supplies companies have raised this year’s sales expectations, while these companies also said it would increase the brand promotion activities. In addition to other industries, companies are also planning to get involved in maternal and child products industry, hoping to get a piece of cake.