in life, we always encounter some things, at the same time, in the face of things must be rational and calm, recently, a Hot pot shop waiter to serve the guests for guests with emotions and quarrel, the soup poured in the female customer’s body.

in the service industry generally believe that the customer first time, how will the clerk soup poured female customer? According to reports, in August 24th, Zhejiang Wenzhou occurred the soup poured female customer event, due to the need for customers dining Tim soup was rejected, angry on the micro-blog Hot pot shop comments bad attitude. Then came the bad event clerk soup poured female customers, playing bad also need to be cautious. It is reported that the merchant finally lost the victim 720 thousand yuan.

see here, we also want to say is a step back at the same time, some food companies as boundless as the sea and sky, also need to strengthen the training and management of employees daily, to avoid such a similar thing happened again.