open restaurant need to run what documents? Many newcomers to join the catering business in the army, but the basic problem is not very clear, is actually very simple, just need to figure out which documents can start to prepare other work, let’s take a look.


/ step method

: when first received business license, but also for an organization code certificate that some small place without the requirement for the self-employed, self-employed big city has started to deal with this card, for the local local district / County Bureau of technical supervision.

, I have a business license, organization code certificate, tax bureau to handle tax registration certificate, the need to separately apply for tax certificates and tax certificate. It should be noted that the catering industry, but also need to apply for health permits, to the district / county health bureau. However, this is generally take a look at the form, it is easy to handle.


Another point:

cost required to open restaurants

said approval: 30 yuan

health permit: 50 yuan


to complete these certificates, stores can be opened. At that time, I do not feel difficult to do these procedures, but it is labor, ran several times it!

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