how much does it cost to open a tea shop? With the development of tea market, cause a lot of everyone’s favor, we now know, tea became a popular drink, therefore, to open a tea shop profit is very considerable, today about tea shop cost for you to provide some reference data for


        opening a milk tea shop cost analysis:

        pearl tea venture capital, the facade of the requirements is not large, generally in a relatively prosperous area of 10-15 square meters rent a facade can be, the monthly rent of about 1200 yuan, pearl milk tea raw material is relatively simple, add milk to the tea and some "pearl". A cup of pearl milk tea in the cost of 0.4 yuan to 0.7 yuan, while the market for a cup of tea in the general price 3-5 yuan, the profit is considerable, while offering tea stores the required equipment is also very simple, just a freezer, a sealing machine.

        open a tea shop marketing guide:

        1, pearl milk tea is very particular about color and taste, and can give it some poetic name, such as the summer mood, over the descendants of royal families, and first love, let the tea taste than most people, but also to experience the psychological enjoyment.

        2, pay attention to the popularity of the price, the price of a cup of beverage is generally between 2-3 yuan the most appropriate, plus more than $5 pearls, the most suitable for mass consumption.

        3, can also be directly produced after packaging, supermarkets or shopping malls sales.

        open investment cost, through the above introduction, believe you also know to open a tea shop in the cost, to open a tea shop you act now.

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