is now the domestic jewelry industry in great demand, especially with personalized jewelry products on the market, in life, by a lot of women welcome, now take the jewelry store as an example, see how to operate.

window is a window, do not underestimate the function, in fact, the clever use of the window can show the charm to attract tourists and stores. The window includes closed, semi closed, open and free and creative. If you have the conditions, you can also play in the shop with the characteristics of the silver jewelry store echoes music.

in determining the overall effect of silver jewelry factory, a prominent one or several characteristics, can immediately make your silver jewelry store more attractive. It is worth mentioning that, in the decoration of the choice of colors, do not misuse the color, not suitable for any decoration and too many bright colors can make the customer to produce a restlessness, negative emotions out of order shopping, generally to the pure and fresh and pleasing color.

now want to successfully operate a large profit margins of the jewelry store, first you need to timely grasp of some secret operations, the only way to successfully managing store, above business you hold?


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