some people tightly holding the hands of a little venture capital has not started. 100 thousand yuan of venture capital how to start a business, how to allocate to make the cause of the orderly go on. Family business can grasp the 3 operating skills, with two entrepreneurial conception, still can be in small business with a small capital, big business success.

10 million venture because it is a small capital venture, entrepreneurial restrictions due to the shortage of funds and then become more. But 100 thousand yuan as long as you can master the entrepreneurial business of the 3 methods can also start from a small capital.

method: professional skills in heavy equipment.

10 million entrepreneurship may not spend a lot of money to buy equipment, so the entrepreneur must use their professional skills to win. For example, SOHO investment may be only 100 thousand yuan, the first purchase of computer equipment, printers, fax machines and other simple equipment can set up a studio, but the SOHO group must have professional technology, such as web site construction, animation design, foreign language translation, art editor, text and so on, only superb professional ability to let customers satisfaction, career long.

three methods: the use of less marketing skills.

10 million venture entrepreneurs are unlikely to spend money on advertising, publicity, if it is in the newspaper ads on