fine jewelry can make women look more attractive, but also dress up the home or work environment is very good decorative objects, do jewelry business has become a trend, more and more people into the entrepreneurial team, but as a jewelry store opened 5 years of experience in me open the shop, personally think that the most troublesome thing is to purchase it, as everyone knows, how many jewelry shop operators purchase unspoken rule set, here in this phenomenon, to share my personal purchase experience.

purchase price control – top priority

as a first jewelry wholesale market operators, the purchase price control is particularly important, we must remember: the price of expensive things, not necessarily the best, cheap things are not necessarily the worst. From my purchase experience, I think the operator in the wholesale process must learn how to wash the goods, generally adorn article wholesale price is the market price of 50 percent off –3 fold.

cheap Earrings some less than 1 yuan, a little better earrings are 3-4 yuan, however, many businesses require wholesale dozen 1. 1 dozen in general for the 12, part of the requirements of a single color, it is recommended that in this case must take a dozen, a dozen is the 12. That is, you have to take 12 to sell you. Necklace is also 10 blocks, the common style is 5-7 block.

purchase quantity control – effective and robust

my first purchase as many operators, blind choice, not in place to purchase quantity control, lead, finally shop Yahuo phenomenon here, personally think that the first purchase, need to pay attention to the whole, wide variety, style, quantity, is the best. Even beautiful, but also to take less, because customers may not like. In the course of the business to understand the needs of customers, according to the adjustment of the replenishment of the sales situation, so that the rational use of funds and avoid the pressure of goods.

to control the quality of goods purchased – boutique strategy

protection of the quality of goods is also very important, which can draw more customers for their own customers, when we choose to purchase online, we must ensure that the quality of clearance, more and more research. I had to grant 300 yuan of goods in the Taobao and Ali on the comparative study of the more than 2 days. Do not rush to purchase, we should pay attention to each. Many factors to consider. For example, whether the business is a good faith through their price and how to compare with peers?. It’s not cheap.

special reminder is that some of the goods, the price of Taobao is different, so in this case, we must search a few more. Of course, this is just to say online purchase recommendation