set up shop how to make their own shops which become one of the problems out of the ordinary, entrepreneurs, especially for the increasingly hot food industry, wants to win in the fierce competition in the market share, we must first start in one upmanship.

interior decoration environment:

for all the catering industry, interior decoration is a powerful marketing tool. These elusive devices, such as mood and atmosphere, have a direct impact on the restaurant’s income. Marketing is a common marketing method in the supply of additional services. Many restaurants often use all kinds of things to attract guests, such as: in the restaurant with newspapers, magazines, books and so on for the guests to read, or play foreign language news, English conversation and so on. Or arrange the restaurant into a restaurant with the meaning of the library.

the importance of word of mouth:

Survey data show

query, a firm that satisfied the customer consumption, will he contented feeling of watching thirteen: a firm in the consumer has had an unpleasant experience consumption or don’t think one who will encounter his dissatisfaction with the twenty-six man said.

shows that the importance of word of mouth, the customer is the God of the restaurant". The restaurant won a good word for him, better than anyone in the restaurant. The impact of potential customers in particular. Because the potential guest would rather trust the customer than the restaurant staff. Just as a saying goes: "if you go to the customer’s complaint is not correct, then you will find your restaurant, guests will one day a world cut."

visible, in the marketing process, customer complaints can not be ignored. So the guests complaints should be given a chance to rescue, which provides free services or discounts and other methods, to correct the prejudice against the customer products and services, so that they come again, and willing to recommend your restaurant to others.

Importance of


1, regional economy.

food consumption is in the people have enough funds to meet the basic needs of daily clothing, food, housing, travel and other discretionary funds to pay. The income level and price level of an area affect the amount of money available to people and the price they have to pay. Generally, when people’s income increases, people are willing to pay higher value products and services, especially in food consumption will be increased, the quality and grades of the restaurant chain should be selected in the general economic prosperity, economic growth speed area.

2, regional planning.