believe that there should be a lot of entrepreneurs should have seen such entrepreneurial opportunities, once the relevant fee paid to join, you can enjoy the full range of equipment donated by the headquarters. In fact, this is a typical scam moves to join join upon a full set of equipment, and businesses for fundamental reason is that the strokes tried you are an outsider.

if a company in order to attract you, tell you only need a very low cost, and even said it would give you a full set of equipment, you will not feel the pie in the sky?

also you think, if a fee is so low that gave you a full set of equipment, where they earn money? Without money, how can they maintain the brand? You know, the brand itself and the promotion of the need for a small fee. Is it really as they say, because the brand has just been established, and you can help them expand their size and influence, so you can enjoy this policy?

maybe a year later, you shop in the cold wind when you again put up the shutters, the website, the preferential policy is still, reason too.

, of course, do not rule out the really want to expand the development of the brand. But you want to be clear, and this brand side by side, he is you as a trench comrades, or you as a stepping stone to his development path.

if it is really good to have the potential for development of the brand to make you look, you have to ask, what are the specific equipment. It is best to be able to list a list, and then go to the store to check their prices, do not use the lowest price to shop with each other than the price, it is not fair, the shop may be low quality products!

check a roughly the middle price, and then calculate the total price, if the value of the gift of the actual price of 1000 yuan or less, then you have to do a good job in the preparation of late filling equipment oh. Because these so-called full set, can only provide you with a basic guarantee, so you can open the shop will not lack of things, as to how the efficiency of these devices, good use, it is not known oh! But if you think you don’t need money anyway, that’s what it is! Than some brands have joined what is not strong!

now there are many entrepreneurs to join the brand in the choice is always holding a psychological advantage, you need to know, as a layman, if you wanted to take advantage of, but also from the who account for this so-called cheap? So, if some of the policies that are very favorable entrepreneurial projects, in fact, is not credible.