as a result of entrepreneurship in the tide, coupled with the current market demand for drinks, so open a tea shop has become a lot of entrepreneurs choice. However, you want to successfully open a tea shop, in addition to the need to do a good job in all aspects of work, while there are some taboos. So, open a milk tea shop what taboo?

1. site selection blindly, store decoration rough

for milk tea shop, the location of the store is very important, it is directly related to the number of consumer groups can be exposed to the store. In addition, the best tea shop decoration in line with young people’s visual experience, because the shop’s consumer groups are mostly concentrated on the young people, so that young people come to your shop can feel the fashion of tunnels.

2. propaganda a single way to see customers do not dare to open mouth


newly opened tea shop, the most important publicity. Now you can use a lot of publicity, such as micro-blog, WeChat, blog and so on, of course, leaflets are essential. When the clerk in leaflets, to dare to speak, communicate with consumers, to maximize the win consumers.

3, hidden serious health problems, but he turned a blind eye to feel good

a lot of tea shops from afar don’t see what the problem is, all aspects are very clean and tidy, but once approached, you will find many health problems, such as machine stains, this is a hidden health problem, but inadvertently caused adverse effects on tea shop business.

4, the price jumped, scare customers

a lot of tea shop price is not high is low, high prices consumers will be out of the store, and low price some consumers do not buy, do not "in the price jumped, to know the right price is also a magic weapon to attract customers.

5, "

cop-out" treat customers

you may have been very enthusiastic about your clients, but once you have a bad attitude, then you may be able to offend customers and lose a regular customer. Therefore, the treatment of customers must be consistent, and only in this way can continue to accumulate regulars, to maintain a sustained and stable growth of tea shop consumers.

6, taste inconsistent, raw material inferior

some milk tea shop may just opened in order to attract customers, train the old customers, so in the production of products will all use high quality raw materials, but after a period of time, taking into account the profit, it will