As a coastal city in China,

Xiamen has a good geographical position, so the development of fisheries is very unique. In 2015, Xiamen fisheries economic output of about 7000000000 yuan, covering one or two and three industries, involving fishermen survival needs and the protection of people’s livelihood, to effectively promote employment fishermen, realize the transformation and upgrading of fishery economy. The following specific details, we begin to understand.

in recent years, the city of ocean and Fishery Bureau around "fishery industrial structure ecological priority, actively adjust the city for the people’s livelihood, sustained and healthy" goal, and vigorously support the modern fishery industry, intensify support for the technology, safe fishery construction system, make water production seedling industry, promote the development of offshore fishing, processing and circulation promotion upgrade, enhance the level of leisure fishery, expand cross-strait fishery cooperation and other measures to promote the fishing efficiency, fishermen’s income, the city’s fishery economy is gradually achieve the goal of sustainable development.

transfer mode adjusting structure

to promote the transformation and upgrading of Fisheries

traditional farming and fishing industry is not only inefficient, but also has a great impact on the marine ecological environment. In the city of aquatic seedlings, leisure fishing and other efforts to promote the transformation of traditional fisheries to modern fisheries.

drive the industry development with brand. In recent years, the city continue to enlarge and strengthen water producing seed industry, aquaculture research and innovation has made great achievements, especially in the cultivation of shrimp, combination of seed enterprises and research institutions, cultivate "Xing Xing", "Xiamen Xinglong", "Xiamen selected No. 1" and "Dongyou No. 1" high quality quality of aquatic seed brand, "Xiamen shrimp" reputation, sales accounted for more than 50% of the national market.

The development of leisure fishery in

. As the annual output value of recreational fishery industry development "our benchmark for" small Dadeng leisure fishing village has reached 12 million yuan, the demonstration effect in changing jobs and leisure fishery has become increasingly obvious. After 9 years of development, Xiamen international leisure fishery Exposition & Aquarium fishing tackle exhibition has also become a "new name card" of recreational fishery industry of our city and the Expo this year has more than 300 from both sides of the Strait, "The Belt and Road along the country’s leisure fishery enterprises, effectively promote the country related to the city, in Taiwan," The Belt and Road along the country in the leisure fishery industry exchanges and docking.

implement Huimin policy

to promote the transformation of fishermen employment

in order to protect the safety of the lives and property of fishermen, in recent years, the city’s marine sector to gradually increase the intensity of Fisheries mutual insurance policy support, from 2013 to 2016 recommended