in the public that speculation has become a thing of the past when there is no imagine why speculation can fire up, in which a real estate industry also cannot let speculation a fire? Actually, but also do not need too much investment in small, from speculation about!

This building / unit of each

advantage: in addition to the familiar market speculation, more important is the relationship with the developers, and Never mind, do not rush into the city. With the developer and the relationship between the market, and developers generally have a very strong relationship with the consent of the developer prior consent. Because the relationship is good, once the sale is not satisfactory, the developer will return the deposit in full.

disadvantage: many of the city’s property market has revealed some weakness, just ask the real estate intermediary, although the high-end price of second-hand houses or new houses are blank, although people are listed in the cost increase a lot, looks up, but few people interested, which belongs to the line without the city. The concept of "value added" is only a virtual figure on a book before it is officially circulated.

so the speculation is still very sure to make money, just need a little patience of investors and spirit, how to fry floor with a small investment, investors need to think about the problem!