shop if you want a good business, naturally need to attract more customers, so that the store business can be more popular. However, how can we attract customers? For Wei Fengli, the shop to attract customers but a coup. So, Wei Fengli set up shop to attract customers coup?

I was engaged in tobacco monopoly, such as tobacco and tobacco products, I think we have to do a good job publicity, but also to create a culture and characteristics of the shop, without these, then certainly not work. Let’s talk about it, we have to ensure that the quality of tobacco and alcohol, but even better, but also let the customer know. So, I will use my shopping here to do publicity, he bought here in us, we certainly have to understand the quality, so I asked him to give us publicity.

customers don’t want to believe in our stores because they believe they do. However, how can I mobilize the enthusiasm of customers? My approach is to bring me customers, then I will reward a box of cigarettes, of course, is a mid-range cigarette. Some customers are very optimistic about this, in a friend’s party or other occasions, talked about the topic of tobacco and alcohol, they will talk about my shop, and then it will be my publicity.

if successful, then I will give them a certain reward according to the agreement. And for those of us who help us connect to big clients, I’m giving more and more. So, propaganda must get a bit. In addition, I will shop antique. Because cigarettes and wine in this antique atmosphere can be more attractive to customers.

customer needs is a mood, a mood of need, and in this mood I, customers can enjoy the cultural atmosphere, they can swim in the wine world, shop for my special high customer evaluation. There are a lot of big boss came here to buy me, which allows me to raise a large degree of concern, because they buy a lot more, the grade is relatively high. So, I am happy to count the money in this kind of.

this is probably a lot of shopkeepers did not think of the method, but the results show that this is really very useful for the store to attract customers. Wei Fengli’s propaganda method is more special, do not do too much publicity, but the use of the customer to do publicity, the effect is really wonderful. And your shop mood, and tobacco and alcohol are consistent, so you will certainly be a lot of customers. Most of the time, we operate the supermarket, is to have characteristics, characteristics, how far will go to the customer, no features, even if very close, but the customer will not go. Finally, we listen to the boss Zhou speak.