today Xiaobian to recommend to you is a very taste and backing the food item, it is comfortable to fish Hot pot. Shu – fish is Hot pot Shu Ji catering founder Mr. Shu – subtle, is Chinese Cuisine Association awarded the "Chinese famous Hot pot" honorary title. And there is such a saying that the Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu parade, I tasted the taste of fish, I never forget, Shu Tong that is painstaking research and development of the fish, the final improvement into the queen delicious spicy fish".

later Shu ancestors inherited the essence of Laixi, adhering to innovation concept, the creation of "Shu Kee Food Company Limited" in 1990, the Chinese cooking art combined with "spicy fish" to create a perfect, known as the "Chinese cuisines" "Shu – Hot pot fish".

company to build the first brand of Chinese fish pot as the vision of the company, currently has 5 brand stores, 168 stores. The company spirit of "based on domestic, overseas, the chain of the world" strategic objectives, and partners to take off, to achieve a win-win situation!

Shu – fish Hot pot headquarters in signing the franchise contract with the franchisee, company operating department stores will be combined with the progress of preparations for the franchise for the opening of the countdown "table", the steering group to assist the franchisee to carry out preparatory work, timely arrival of various facilities, equipment and materials, to ensure the smooth opening stores and business gradually on the right track.

Shu – investment should meet the condition: what Hot pot fish

1, the Chinese name of " " identity; Hot pot; Shu – fish Hot pot and the mode of operation of the corporate culture of

2, entrepreneurial dedication and entrepreneurial spirit

3, Shu – fish Hot pot franchisee has management experience of


4, willing to engage in food and beverage industry

5, willing to accept all kinds of training and implement the unified operating standards

6, with the development of the corresponding level stores and commercial stores

The above is the simple introduction of

Shu – fish Hot pot franchise, if you still have what other problems to consultation, please message on our website below, we will contact you in the first time to see the message.