in modern society, parents are more and more attention to the child, at the same time, a variety of radiation is more and more, so, radiation suit can be put in use. Perhaps because of the huge market demand, so that the number of related brands is also very much. So, which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce 10 brands, so you can make a choice.

With the rapid development of economy, people’s living standard is getting better and better, and the quality of health care is gradually becoming more and more important. In pregnant women must have a functional product, can help pregnant women to protect against radiation, protect the fetus, this magical product is pregnant women radiation suit. According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of brands of radiation protection clothing on the market, pregnant mothers, the country’s ten major brands, you know?

radiation protection which brand is good? 1: Jing Qi

in pregnant women radiation-proof clothes in the field, the shielding effectiveness and brand influence, Jing Qi are the first fully deserve. Jing Qi is a well-known brands in Italy, in 2011 officially entered China, Chinese become pregnant mother trusted brand. Jing Qi is today’s success, because the Jing Qi constantly efforts and innovation. By Jing Qi technical team of independent research and development of nano silver ion beam energy vacuum plating technology and deep precipitation technology, not only improve the shielding effectiveness of anti radiation suits, was also named the twenty-first Century international radiation protection 7 innovation and technology first and second.

radiation protection which brand is good? 2: Qiao Wei according to

According to

Qiao Wei and Jing Qi, is an international brand. Qiao Wei is from England, a country with a gentleman. Qiao Wei is a British Ivy eco technology Co., Ltd. designed for women under the radiation service brand. Qiao Wei is a frequent visitor to ten pregnant women in radiation-proof clothes list, is Jing Qi strong opponent. Qiao Wei in accordance with the requirements of the production process is very strict, do not allow the use of any chemical reagents, pregnant mothers to bring health and environmental protection of the radiation suit, so that pregnant mothers wear assured.

radiation protection which brand is good? 3: Pro Qi

believe that everyone on the pro Qi this brand will not be unfamiliar with it, although the younger Pro Qi, founded in 2011, but it is radiation-proof clothes Ever-victorious general in the industry. Pro Qi as radiation-proof clothes industry younger, good at learning, humbly ask for advice, understand its essence, to its dregs, create a leisurely perfect women radiation-proof clothes, the shielding effect of radiation-proof clothes fabric Pro Qi than ordinary metal radiation-proof clothes 40% higher, this is enough to make pregnant mothers trust it.

radiation protection which brand is good? 4: Ke Ting Ting