people often say that entrepreneurs must find their own areas of expertise and their familiar areas, so that business can be handy, and the overseas venture guy did not take the unusual way, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship exotic.

Pushun Philippines, young won the first prize of national physics competition, the helicopter exemption of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, however in order to make their own sky, decided to give up the dream of others recommended qualification, at the age of 18 to study in France, where set up their own business. He may be able to give you some enlightenment in the entrepreneurial experience in a foreign country.

Able to perform wonders

Pushun Philippines in eighteen at the age of nine, they show different from their peers business sense, at that time, because Shanghai hosted the World Expo, there is often a municipal 844000. He cleverly avoided the hot spot has been a lot of gold to the demolition of the housing, in turn to find those who have the potential and the price of housing in the low. "At that time I was in the north of the Bund, two rooms in Hongkou District." Pu Shunfei said, the owner is Beijing, asking price 600 thousand, some high."

but he clever use of contradictions between the owners and custodians of the house of Shanghai, finally even the price comes to 280 thousand. Because of the low price to buy, when the time to go to the housing registration, registration and even suspect that we deliberately lowered the transaction price to tax evasion." Pu Shunfei said with a smile, and finally I put a lot of paper on the transaction price, to complete the transaction." Shortly after, when he took this shot of two rooms, and make a total of 900 thousand.

09 years, the domestic wine market in the ascendant. Pu Shun Fei at this time has been in a well-known French engineering school. "During the summer vacation, I contacted several wineries in Bordeaux and tried to persuade them to give me their wine." He contacted a buyer in Shanghai, competing with a veteran of a large wine group in spain. He and the sale, he led the buyer to visit those in France and Spain, the winery. At that time, the sale of the Spanish wine is very attentive, every day to the buyer, and the purpose is to keep the distance and the buyer.

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