we all know that sushi originated in Japan, Japan is also the country of sushi brand, to eat authentic sushi will have to choose Japanese sushi, sushi, of course, in the minds of Chinese consumers also have an important position can not be replaced. This will bring new opportunities for the majority of food and beverage investment entrepreneurs. Join in the edge like sushi takeout Chinese catering industry has broad prospects for development, the edge like sushi takeout has introduced new products to attract consumers, long taste buds, global Xiaobian for margin like sushi takeout stores to introduce new varieties of you do the following.

edge like sushi sushi launched new products, more and more emphasis on stimulating the impact of rich taste, add sauce and barbecue, elements such as arrack, enough to make people understand it is of rich, warm taste.

collocation of barbecue food sushi in Japan, the original local is not too popular, fresh taste is the perfect collocation of vinegar rice and vegetable roll. So stubborn insistence has become outdated. For the long run on the outside of the office workers, the smell of thick mouth or more soothing soul. The edge like sushi takeout stores in this direction, in the cooked sushi came into being, and there is no shortage of fans. To burn on the salmon skin sushi as an example, the choice of fresh tender salmon skin ingredients, with rich sauce grilled, soft and white Steamed Rice plump and juicy grilled skin collision amazing taste, people lead a person to endless aftertastes.

edge of the sushi sushi sushi sushi, sushi sushi is not of hot sauce, so it will steal the flavor and taste of ingredients. Black pepper sauce Sausage Rolls, is a combination of spicy black pepper grain and sweet and sour salad sauce skilly, with crisp sausage. This is an innovative attempt to roll things, giving diners a refreshing taste buds stimulate.

black pepper sauce is very common in Japanese sushi restaurants, it can help boost the taste of food. Western style sushi beef tongue too, with precious beef tongue as ingredients, collocation special black pepper sauce, this approach can make beef tongue taste and texture and taste, refreshing. Edge Xi sushi sushi shop had to mention the spicy Tuna warships, spicy taste with Tuna, a taste of spicy and delicious of mouth, so that the taste buds experience double stimulation, of pleasure.

hi sushi takeout franchise seafood and sushi, sashimi can reflect its beauty and fresh. However, in order to cater to the Chinese people’s eating habits, winter sushi should have a certain degree of heat, then use the wine to cook seafood, sushi can do more than one, both fresh and warm. Fried cooked shellfish sushi set sail soju is such an example, select boiled wine Fanli shell after burning, delicious taste unique lock in shellfish, and Japanese sake after the entrance of the fragrance echoed in the tongue, let people drool with envy.

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