in the entrepreneurial process, innovation technology has played an unparalleled strong driving force. The development of innovative talents in various fields has opened the way for regional transformation and upgrading. Inner Mongolia economic and Technological Development Zone in Bayannaoer to rely on scientific and technological innovation as a new model of development in Inner Mongolia.

10 29 July in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the fourth batch of the fifth batch of prairie excellence in recognition of the meeting, the Bayannaoer economic and Technological Development Zone has been awarded the "the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region high level talents innovation base" honorary title.

Development Zone Based on construction of innovation base, actively encourage enterprises with China Agricultural University, China Medical University, Inner Mongolia University, Zhejiang Beijing Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Shanghai Zhangjiang development center and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to establish long-term cooperative relations, through the social recruitment, Honorary Advisor, project cooperation, the introduction of a large number of outstanding scientific talent. Feed Technology Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia, Fuchuan formed a 3 doctor, 17 senior engineers, technical personnel as the core of the technical innovation research and development team of 65. Federal Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) company technology center employs more than 200 researchers, all undergraduate degree or above, senior professional and technical titles accounted for 50%. Inner Mongolia Jing Xin Pharmaceutical Company to recruit medical management, pharmaceutical engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical and other professional bachelor degree or above, to build a team of 13 R & D team. Inner Mongolia Mongolia motohiro Food Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University College of food science and engineering, School of Hetao long-term cooperation, the introduction of more than 20 scientific research personnel, the formation of the food technology research institute.

development zone through projects, financial support, policy driven, and gradually formed a leading technology innovation pattern, blossom everywhere. In recent years, important science and technology