children’s clothing franchisee how to choose the right to join the product? Many franchisees have been operating in the huge market demand, hoping to fill the gaps in the market. But uncertain brand in the selected project. If you want to do a good job of inspection, in fact, from the product side, it is a good investigation, and quickly move up.

a buy, formaldehyde mainly from dyes and auxiliaries are cheap, so don’t give children a anti wrinkle treatment to buy children’s clothing brand to join, try to choose a small pattern of children’s clothes, but not on the prints very hard, but also try not to buy bleached children;

two smell, smell the children joined products on whether there is a pungent particularly strong smell, because the place of business is generally larger, sometimes difficult to smell that smell, then get home to the criterion;

three wash, formaldehyde is easy to dissolve in water, as a precaution, children buy a home, you can first use the rinsed water, do not wait for the children to wear new clothes, in order to avoid delays;

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