would like to open a restaurant with a characteristic, so to meet the needs of low carbon society, open a green restaurant, you can make a big profit. How to open a standard green restaurant? Do the following five points can easily set up shop.

dishwasher broke the myth

let rest ice maker

by recording the ice making machine and restaurant equipment with ice, the ice amount estimate every day and set the corresponding dishes. If you are in the restaurant near the school, students are the mainstream in customer, so students during the spring holidays or during the off-season, let some ice machine rest. This not only reduces the power consumption but also saves a lot of valuable water resources.

low flow equipment

install low flow shower flush pipe and a water tap water is to control the restaurant in a very effective way. More importantly, the maintenance staff to check the water supply, such as water leakage, aging and other issues.

To reduce the power consumption of

GardeningEden:HowCreationCareWillChangeYourFaith, YourLife andOurWorld, author of the book MichaelAbbate, saving electricity is the best restaurants often check all kinds of electrical equipment and equipment damaged in large range in time to repair it.

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