February two is an important day in the folk, people will have a look up the dragon. In Tianjin, February two day, held a rooster open new · legislative branches to the folk culture of Primula magpie exhibition, to better promote the traditional culture, show the charm of peace, enriching people’s cultural life, and jointly promote the construction of Tianjin beautiful, quality of peace.

The rooster opened new

· vertical branches to "magpie Primula 2017 Peace Cup sixth Jin Wan Plaza" in February two · the rise of the dragon "folk culture exhibition, the Tianjin Bay Plaza (held water platform).

according to the event organizers, on the same day, the square is not only the vivid dragon dancing performances, dance performances, funny cute dolls show, private car is very down to earth will show, and let the double acrobatics brilliantly, more from Huo Yuanjia’s hometown children show superb martial arts skills.

in this event, you can see the spiritual and cultural life of the people of Tianjin, won recognition. The event will also invite the audience to sing the song "my motherland", the common wish of the motherland thriving and prosperous, common blessing chicken born chicken, exuberant "chicken" Xiang Ruyi, Pepsi "chicken", "chicken" shining star.

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